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Weekly Meal Plan w/c 16th June 2018


whats for dinnerC came home from school on Friday with hardly any voice and that then developed into a full-blown summer cold yesterday.  We are very lucky in that he’s rarely ill – he’s only missed 2 days of school in his first 4 years and we get the occasional letter from our Dr’s surgery asking if he should still be registered with them as they just don’t see him.  Which means, when something does get the better of his immune system he feels rather sorry for himself.  Yesterday we just snuggled a lot (yes, as a Mummy of one I secretly love the fact that my almost 9 year old still wants to snuggle when he’s feeling out of sorts!!), watched TV, read books, drank hot chocolate and had a Pyjama day.

Today is Father’s Day and we were going to go out but we’ve decided to hold off until C is feeling better so T is going to watch a movie as a Father’s Day treat and we will continue with our relaxed weekend.
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Sunday Funday: Volcano Experiment

20180603_101950C was lucky enough to win this Weird Science Volcano Eruptions kit recently.  Timing was perfect as they have been studying volcanoes, floods and other natural disasters this term at school so he was keen to try this out. Continue reading “Sunday Funday: Volcano Experiment”

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Weekly Meal Plan w/c 9th June 2018

whats for dinnerI don’t know if it’s the same at your house but the weeks are just flying by here – only just over a month left until the school summer holidays!!!  I can’t believe C will be going into year 4 in September and reaching his last single digit birthday – eek!  We have a number of birthday celebrations with friends and family this week so I’m keeping the menu quite flexible as some main ingredients may end up in the freezer for use in coming weeks.  We recently started serving our dinners “family style”- where all the components get put on the table and everyone helps themselves – C loves this and interestingly he’s certainly eaten more this week.  Could be another growth spurt though…..the last thing we need! Continue reading “Weekly Meal Plan w/c 9th June 2018”

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Recipe of the Week: “Un” Fried Chicken

IMG_20180603_191753_139We love chicken!  It forms the basis of several of our weekly meals and we like it cooked just about every possible way – roast, casseroled, stir fried, baked, BBQ’d but when it comes to a meal that unites our family you can’t beat Fried Chicken.  With T being American, and from the South, this was a staple part of his childhood menu and I developed a love of it during my time living in the States.  If we asked C to pick his 5 favourite meals this would definitely feature.  HOWEVER, when you’re trying to be healthier, sending your coated chicken swimming in a big pan of hot oil isn’t exactly helping to achieve your goals.  So – we were intrigued when I stumbled across a recipe for Oven “fried” Chicken when trawling Pinterest one evening.   Continue reading “Recipe of the Week: “Un” Fried Chicken”

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Our Family Goals for June 2018

Beautiful-June-2018-Calendar-WallpapersI really enjoy reading the goals that other bloggers set for themselves -either blogging goals, personal goals or family goals.  With my very busy life I am a slightly obsessive planner and I always set some basic aims for the month ahead as I do believe in that old saying “failing to plan is planning to fail”.  Each month I’ll share the goals we set as a family and my own personal goals and will review them at the end of the month to see how we got on, I also set myself a couple of “deep clean” target areas each month as I genuinely don’t have time to do more than the surface of the whole house each week.

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Weekly Menu w/c 2nd June 2018

whats for dinnerWell we thought summer had arrived, out came the BBQ, Salads started appearing on the menu more frequently and, where possible, hot dishes were cooked in the slow cooker.  Then, just in time for half-term, dreary rainy weather made a reappearance.  I know we’re slightly obsessed with the weather as a nation – and me perhaps slightly more than average after 15 years of living in the Arizona oven, where the only possible weather options were warm, hot, too hot and torrential downpour with awe-inspiring thunderstorms (aka monsoon season).  In our part of the country we haven’t had the downpours that others have had this week, but the threat has been there every day and the atmosphere is just too muggy and close.

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Sports Season Round Up

20180422_121356And so another super winter of sports comes to an end.  At the end of April C played his last ever game of tag rugby and in May his first season of football came to an end too.  Trophies have been collected, medals received, coaches thanked and friendships put on hold for the Summer (and we share a secret smile that weekend lie-ins are a distinct possibility for the next 3 months!) Continue reading “Sports Season Round Up”